And today's recommendation -- how do I categorize Greek mythology brought into the modern day?  Fantasy?  Science fiction?  Action-adventure?  Well, Daemon by Verity Crowe is a splendid book, so I will categorize it there.  Did you think that grumpy womanizer Zeus really knocked the Titans out of contention?  Think again!
Malcolm Erskine

Booksquawk -- what a splendid website.
Kate Kasserman -- what a darling woman.

My dear Kate, I have news. Several re-writes and major edits down the line and Daemon is now doing the rounds as Daimon. And vastly impoved it is too. Ha ha, though I can't imagine your comment about devouring the story as if it were your own child could ever be bettered. I'll post you a copy with love and salutations from me and my dad.

Malc (V. Crowe's representative


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