Free E-Day is here!  Actually, it's a couple days, because the world is large, and defining "day" accordingly problematic.  But the beginning has begun!  Somewhere in the vicinity of a hundred contributors (I am not sure of the final tally) are giving away work for, yes, free during this festival -- from pictures and short stories/novel excerpts all the way through full novels (including...mine!).  It's a lovely chance to browse and try something new -- and since everything is, I believe, downloadable, you can load up and look through everything when you have leisure to do so!

A quick addendum on Dec. 3rd -- since the free download seems to be EXTREMELY popular (yay, thank you everyone!), I am leaving it up for the rest of the week.  Many of the other Free E-Day contributions also remain live (so feel free to check out the brochure and take a stab at anything that interests you -- it might very well still be available).

Independence's print debut should be soon -- hopefully a matter of days.  I'll post info as I have it.  It looks as though the Kindle version jumped the gun and is live now, but I am not quite sure, so I'll just save the announcement for when everything is in order!

And now the Dec. 6th update:  well, Free E-Day was so fun I stretched it out for a week, but now that week is over ;) .  I am too tired tonight to figure out the vagaries of Amazon, but it looks as though the print version is -- somewhat -- up, and the Kindle version entirely so.  I will update tomorrow!

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