I disagree with pretty much everyone at least some of the time, and by "everyone" I include myself.

But I must say I rather like when events conspire to suggest that I was right.

Several of the best books I've had the pleasure to read in the past couple years were unpublished manuscripts.  I found this a rather puzzling state of affairs.  Fortunately, four (!) of these gems have subsequently gained the attention of a small press that, if it continues along this path, is assured a bright future.  Congratulations to Diiarts and its inaugural batch of authors:  M. M. Bennetts, Paul House, Matthew Dick, and Jason Horger!

May 1812 (Bennetts) is a historical page-turner following one very bright, very charming, and sometimes very fumble-fingered codebreaker as he struggles with an arranged marriage to a stranger he has mortally offended (and discovers he loves desperately) while trying to do his duty -- and, when he is sent on an emergency mission, trying simply to survive.  Harbour (House) is a gorgeous, bittersweet evocation of the fragile society of World War II Hong Kong and a surprising love that arises in the teeth of war.  Pistols for Two, Breakfast for One (Dick) follows the adventures of a sort of Uncle Oswald-cum-James Bond (in re: duty, definitely more Uncle Oswald) as he investigates a murder and the disappearance of a rare coin (not that he wants to, particularly; it's just he'll sort of be in trouble if he doesn't).  And Whom Must I Kill to Get Published? (Horger) is a funny thriller about an aspiring writer who finally gets his big break -- only to have his big break show up for their meeting dead.

Go check them out!

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