I have been remiss, and I apologize!  It should have occurred to me when I released Independence into the world that I ought to give some sort of status update on the second (and final) book in the series; I've had a number of queries (including one I haven't been able to respond to yet -- I am still trying, and will persevere, but my note hasn't been able to go through so far!), and so while I can't give as firm information as I'd like, here is the state of things.

I am still writing it.  The book does have a working title (The Line), and it is outlined, but I've drafted only a few chapters so far.  My most optimistic ETA is late summer of 2010, and I am going to aim for that.  Once I have a final version of the book, I'll be offering a free preview download here for a few days before the print version debuts (and if you've contacted me asking about the book:  I am keeping a list, and will email you when the free .pdf download is up!).